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Eagles over Europe

An operational scale simulation of Napoleonic campaigns.

Direct your armies on large theatres of operation, discover adverse intentions, manoeuvre to push the enemy into a battle in your favor !

Revive the campaigns of Austria, Prussia, Poland, Russia...

scale Scale 1 turn = 2 days, 1 counter = 1 division, 1 hexagon = 12 to 15km

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Eagles over Europe

A tactical scale simulation of the great Napoleonic battles.

Deploy your corps on the battlefield, combine the effect of your different troops, manage your reserves and deal with unforeseen events !

Revive the legendary battles of the Napoleonic era...

scale Scale 1 turn = 1/2 hour, 1 counter = one regiment, one hexagon = 150m

All our games are playable for free from a web browser, without installation.

The games are only available in French for the moment, but we currently are translating them to english...
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