Legal mentions
BELLISOFT is an association under the French 1901 law, whose head office is located at 48 avenue du Chateau, 91760 Itteville. The association was published in the official newspaper on Feb. 21 2015.

The purpose of the Bellisoft association is to develop, promote and foster cultural and social activities in the fields of history and strategy games. It seeks, among other things, to promote

  • the creation, innovation and practice of games in the above-mentioned fields
  • the relationship between historians, history lovers, players and game creators ;
  • the research and publishing of data related to military strategy and history.

The complete status are available here (in French).

Membership conditions are available here.

The conditions of use of the site are available here.

The director of the publication of the SITE is Mr Tristan Pannérec.

The host of the SITE is O2switch SARL with a capital of 100000€ whose registered office is located in Clermont-Ferrand.

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Legal mentions
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